Service Contract

Jaswell Water Well Service Contract

Service Contract Information

The yearly service contract offers yearly maintenance with peace of mind

With the service contract you will receive:

*Water System Disinfection and Water Test*

(Chlorination Disinfection & Total Coliform & E-coli Water Test)
by a certified lab

*System Efficiency Check and Adjustments*
(To ensure system's efficiency and service)

*Emergency Response within 24 Hours*

The purchaser hereby engages and employs Jaswell Water Well Systems, who agree to service the said property below by performing a Chlorination Disinfection and Total Coliform test by a certified lab and system check with necessary adjustments one time (1) per year.  The cost of the yearly service contract does not cover future service calls or equipment needed for repair.  Yearly service contract members receive 10% off any and all equipment needed for repairs and have a flat, lowered service call rate of $85 per hour.

Basic Service Plan

  1. Amp Reading
  2. Pressure Tank Psi Reading
  3. General Systems Check

Best Service Plan

  1. Includes all services in the basic plan
  2. Filtered level check & media levels
  3. Filter head mechanical check

Water Safety Plan

  1. Includes all services in the best service plan
  2. Coliform & Bacteria Check