Jaswell History

The Jaswell companies have grown with the water well industry over the past century.  In 1927, Roy Jaswell, Sr. founded the domestic drilling operation which is still in existence today.  Sometime afterward, Jaswell began drilling for clients in other districts and soon the activities of the company had spread to many parts of the world.  Jaswell’s present growth to the water well industry is an outgrowth of the several choices we can give our clients and the work of many talented people over the years.  From all corners of the world, we believe Jaswell personnel to be the most experienced and most qualified.  This resource is our greatest and most important asset for the future.


Domestic artesian well drilling under the name Roy Jaswell's artesian wells.  An examination of Jaswell's growth must begin with our first well drilled in Smithfield, RI December 1927. It took nine days to compete a 29 meter artesian well!


The manufacturing of the Jaswell Seal Tip is in full production.

Our new "sealing-Tip" for artesian well castings will positively shut off surface water, contaminated water, salt, sand or clay from seeping into the well at the upper end of the rock stratum.  It further provides a perfect sealing tip in the solid rock section by use of the resilient rubber rings or sealing flanges, which yield to permit insertion and then fill the indentations and are flattened by the ragged rock projections in the drill hole.


The domestic artesian well drilling company incorporated in the state of Rhode Island, under the name Roy Jaswell & Sons, Inc.

The operation to date has grown to the drilling of water, oil and gas wells for Pennsylvania, USA to the northern state of Maine.  It has several crews engaged in this operation.


The domestic equipment sales company incorporated in the State of Rhode Island under the name R. Jaswell Equipment Co., Inc.

This company was established to handle the distribution of the drilling rigs as well as all other related tools in the North-western region of the United States and the Eastern half of Canada.

The general economic conditions which affected the drilling market in the late 1974 and 1975 cold have had disastrous effects on our market penetration.  This was accomplished by correct and timely predictions of increased international emphasis, increased awareness of our service and our very strong and complete sales and service organization.  Jaswell Drill International, Inc. was organized to handle the overseas market.

1973 First International Efforts

Our company was called in by a Swiss organization as consultants for a project they had undertaken in Sengal for mass irrigation purposes as well as potable drinking water.  After inspection the proposed drilling sites we sold to them a complete package of drilling machinery, one years supply of spare parts, and all the related special tools required for their project.  In addition to this, we committed ourselves to one year of technological assistance.

1975 In Algeria

Our company contracted with a large international construction company to complete a drilling project in connection with a multimillion dollar pipe line for natural gas.  The wells in this project are being used for fire protection and drinking water.  Our initial responsibility was to assist their engineers in the revision of their specifications in order to accomplish the goal more efficiently.


During this year many changes took place in the organization of the Jaswell Enterprise.  Due to time and circumstances the stockholders voted to begin manufacturing their own drill rigs.  These new machines have incorporated the latest technological advances and the vast ears of experience in the drilling industry.  It was with pride that we offered the 4 lines of Jaswell Drilling Rigs for various applications.


Since the inception, the Jaswell Companies have aggressively  pursued the domestic market and more recently have begun an expansion the overseas market.
We have in several parts depots and location of subsidiaries in order to enable our company to provide excellent response to our customers requirements for service and drilling supplies.  Our product, engineering services and technological knowledge are constantly expanding our distributions.